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Katy Family Medicine & Urgent Care Membership Options

Welcome to our Direct Primary Care (DPC) medical practice, where we offer a new and innovative way of healthcare delivery. With our membership-based approach, we prioritize the doctor-patient relationship and eliminate the complexity and bureaucracy of insurance-based healthcare.

Make a Commitment to Your Health and the Health of Your Family

By joining our membership program, you are making a commitment to your health and the health of your family. Experience the benefits of personalized care, convenience, and peace of mind with Katy Family Medicine and Urgent Care.

Our DPC practice offers two types of membership: General Membership and Telemedicine Membership. Each membership is designed to meet the unique healthcare needs of our patients.

Membership Packages

Our membership-based model allows us to focus on your individual needs, giving you the attention and care you deserve. We are committed to providing our patients with personalized, high-quality healthcare at an affordable cost


Telemedicine Membership


Additional 10% discounts exist for bulk or multi family memberships as needed for those needing to pay on a quarterly, semi-annual or annual payment basis.

General Membership

From $50/month

● Birth – 18 years: $50/month
● 19 – 29 years: $60/month
● 30 – 44 years: $75/month
● 45 – 64 years: $99/month
● 65 and above: $120/month